Sandstone Restoration

At Dumbarton Roofing Services, we pride ourselves with highly-skilled and competent professionals with vast experience. Our contractors are reputable, particularly in providing credible estimates for sandstone restoration services.

We have been operational for the past ten years, and whilst roofing is our core business, we have vast amount of experience in the sandstone restoration space.

Our technicians are experienced and have been providing quality services, as evidenced by various positive reviews.
Our team comprises of natural stone technicians, masons, contractors, and other professionals who have been working with us for more than 10 years.
Our experts can handle all projects of different sizes and provide advice on sandstone restoration services. We can polish, maintain, and restore your floor or wall surface to meet and even exceed your expectation.
Also, we clean, polish, repair, or maintain your floors, walls, countertops, and showers to restore their original conditions and give them a new and improved aesthetic.
With our vast experience and competent workforce, we have been able to handle sandstone problems for local and far-away clients.
We specialise in all types of stone care, from residential to commercial buildings. We do restoration, polishing, sealing, filling of holes and cracks, and removal of efflorescence.
We deal with all natural stones, such as marble, granite, limestone, ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone. Our team is aware of the different types of natural stone, and we apply the latest treatment techniques in maintaining them.
The following is a highlight of some of our services.

Sandstone Repair and Cleaning

More often, natural stone surfaces lose their beauty and become damaged from human traffic, liquid spills, and wear. In case you are experiencing such a situation, don’t worry; Dumbarton Roofing Services offer a premium restoration service you can rely on.
We have specialised equipment, and therefore, we can repair, clean your stone, fill cracks, polish the dull surfaces, remove stains, flatten tiles, and fill stones in the indoor and outdoor areas.
Does the concrete floor in your residential and commercial facility look gloomy and unwelcoming? Don’t be bothered; our experienced technicians can transform your dirty concrete into a polished and elegant masterpiece. Also, we provide staining and sealing services to restore your concrete to its original condition.
We understand how dirty tiles can ruin the overall appearance of your residential home or business premise. Our robust cleaning systems can flush out dirt and other contaminants, especially in porous surfaces.
We precisely remove surface contaminants from sensitive substrates, such as stones and marble.

Stonemasonry Repair

Crack in bricks and mortar can lead to moist surfaces and damage your residential or commercial property. Our experienced technicians can repair the affected area to match the existing bricks and mortar.
Our business is fully compliant with the national regulations, which is why we have ensured our contractors and company. Also, all our technicians are licensed to provide services and work in particular areas.
Normal wears or chemical substances can spoil the natural appearance on your stone surface. You can restore your stone through various approaches, the stonemasonry repair being one of them.
At Dumbarton Roofing Services, we offer residential and commercial stonemason repair services in Glasgow and surrounding areas. Our services entail mortar crack repair, brick repair, mortar matching, and stone repair.
It is vital to note that some stones, such as marble and limestone, are acid-sensitive, so we devise appropriate ways of repairing them. In places like bars or kitchens, any spilling can etch the stones and even deface their looks.
Once we receive your request, we will send a competent estimator to your place to determine if it needs cleaning, restoration, maintenance, or repair.
Note that grout joints are susceptible to stains, cracks, or degradation; therefore, so our specialist will examine them to see what needs done.
Once you construct or buy a home, over time, weathering can cause vacuums in the joints between masonry units, especially in bricks. To repair the mortar joints and cracks in stone masonry, we usually use the re-pointing technique.
With re-pointing, we ensure that we renew the external parts of your mortar joints.

Lime Pointing

At Dumbarton Roofing Services, we usually use lime mortars for lime pointing. Lime mortar is more porous than cement mixes, allowing the evaporation of moisture from joints more freely.
Note that lime-based mortar is ideal for the restoration of older buildings, especially those whose bricks or stones have cracks.
We use lime putty or natural hydraulic lime to do the re-pointing. Lime mortar can minimise the moisture content in the wall and reduce the buildup of soluble salts in the stone, hence decreasing potential damage to the building.
Although re-pointing is messy work, our contractors understand the job, usually sectioning off the area with plastic to avoid dirtying other places. We know how to point the mortar into the joints; hence producing excellent results.

Stone Cleaning

A stone tile floor in bathrooms or entryways can make your home look more beautiful. For instance, your backyard or outdoor garden can have an excellent finish with a stone patio. Surprisingly, dirt and grime can build up in the porous area of your stones, making them look ugly.
Although ordinary cleaning is essential in reducing the excessive buildup of dirt, it doesn’t give your property a look it deserves. You can overcome this by hiring a professional stone cleaning service.
Dumbarton Roofing Services are experts in cleaning stones and tiles. We guarantee to make your surface resistant to dirt and bacteria that might cause germs.
Before we clean your stone, our technicians examine the nature of your stone to decide on the safest method of cleaning it. We are aware that stones, such as marble, are acid-sensitive, so we deal with them carefully.

Once we do the cleaning, our experts inspect the area to determine whether it has met your expectations. If the results are not impressive, we clean the surfaces again until they reach the required standards.

Also, upon cleaning of the stone surface, we seal the area to bar germs out and allow convenient maintenance.

More importantly, we also do stone polishing and granite renewal to make your floor and other surfaces look original and attractive.

If you are in the Glasgow area and looking for a sandstone restoration specialist, give us a call for a free quote!