Our roof repair is among the best roofing services in Dumbarton and surrounding suburbs. Our experts can help to determine if a roof is fit for repairs and will provide you with all of the information that you need to decide which repair service is the best fit for your roof. We cater to all roof repair needs and have the skills and expertise to make quick work of all types of repairs. For your convenience, we provide repairs that are both cheap and flexible. These are designed so that they will perfectly fit in with your busy schedule as well as your budget.


For the best roof repairs and results, our team will inspect your roof before they attempt to repair it. The inspection process helps us to see the condition of your roof. It shows us what and where on your roof is in most need of the repairs. As a reputable roofing company, it is essential to us that we provide you with the very best repairs that will help your roof to last even longer. We pay close attention to detail and can give you relevant information about the needs of your roof. For example, our roofers can recommend repairs and give you an estimate of the time and cost that repairs will take.

Broken tiles

One of the most common repairs that we do is to fix broken tiles on tile roofs. Broken tiles are at increased risk of becoming dislodged and can also increase the possibility of water infiltrating the surface of your roof. If you have noticed that you have a leaking roof or can see that your tiles are not sitting as they used to, it may be time to call for professional roofing services to repair your roof. For cracked or chipped tiles, we can complete our repairs very quickly. Our services are well-priced and will help to protect your property and keep out rain, the cold, and vermin.

Flat roofs

Flat roof repairs are chosen based on the issue that your roof is facing. We are prepared and trained to handle a wide range of flat roof problems. These include lumps, sagging, and cracks in your roof’s surface. We suggest having your roof inspected approximately every two years to ensure that you are aware of any as soon as any of these issues begin to show. The earlier damage is spotted the smaller the repairs will need to be. We have specialised roof plumbers who can help to deal with any water damage issues, so don’t wait to contact us for help to fix your roof.


Like any other part of a roof, chimneys are also prone to damage. If a broken chimney is left unattended then it can become a safety hazard. Should a chimney fall it could cause severe damage to your property and even injury should it fall on your family or others around the property. Our skilled workers are here to prevent any such accidents from occurring. Our team will safely conduct the repairs to the fullest of their abilities. We can fix your chimney and restore it to its original condition. For quick, cheap, and expert chimney repairs, choose Dumbarton Roof Services.