Dumbarton Roof Services can give you the opportunity to change the way that your roof looks. Roof painting is an excellent way to refresh and renew the look of your roof. Our team provides you with the labour, expertise, and tools that are needed to safely complete the job. We always recommend hiring professional help for any work on roofs. Given their height, it can be potentially dangerous to attempt to work on them alone or without the tools needed to make the process as safe as possible. Painting your roof is a fast and cheap way to achieve a roof that looks as good as new.


For the best painting service, it is important that your roof is first cleaned. Cleaning your roof allows us to get rid of any dirt, moss, or mould. We use power washers to quickly and completely clean your roof of anything that should not be there. Once you have a clean roof it makes the process of painting it much easier. Paint adheres better to a clean and clear surface. This also means that the paint will look better and will last longer in this good condition. When it comes to painting your roof, choose from the best and most complete roofing services in Dumbarton and surrounding suburbs.


Once your roof has been successfully cleaned, our professional roofing services will ensure that it is fully prepped and ready to be painted. This preparation ensures that your roof is in the best condition to be painted. We will check to see if there are any repairs that are needed. We also make sure that all of the tiles on the roof are properly secured and sturdy. Our preparation work is done so that when your roof is painted it will last for as long as is possible. Dumbarton Roof Services has been designed to give all of our customers the best roofing services.


After all of these initial stages have been completed, we are ready to start the actual painting of the roof of your property. For the best possible results, our team will consult with you about the range of colours that we have to offer. We have different paints that are suitable and specifically designed for use on a variety of different roof materials. Our team can help you to find the perfect colour and finish of paint to suit your roof. Roof painting is a quick and affordable way to change the look of your roof. It allows you to renovate your home’s appearance without having to take drastic and costly measures.

Roof Coating

For a long-lasting painted roof, it is important that the roof is coated. Roof coating has many purposes and is useful for the durability and quality of your roof and its paint. As a professional roofing company, we provide the best roof coating services. We will choose the appropriate roof coat and will carefully put it on your roof to ensure the maximum effect. Roof coating is designed to improve your roof’s weather resistance. It also helps to keep heat in the home, which is essential and helps to save you money in the winter months. The coats that we use are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, they can even help to prevent moss from re-growing on your roof.