Restoration is your first line of defence for your roof deterioration – it will save you from costly future repairs and improve the appearance of your home. Dumbarton Roof Services can offer customers a bespoke roof restoration service tailored to your home. Roof restoration involves cleaning, repairing, and roof replacement.
Roof restorations aren’t simply for leaks and broken slates – with the proper improvements you can even improve insulation and save on energy bills.
The service is designed for roofs that are more severely damaged and need a more complete upgrade. It is essential that you contact property experts if you believe that your house is in need of restoration. If you have a leaking roof or have noticed that heat is not staying in your house as well as it used to, it could be a sign that your roof is in need of restoration. Our restoration service for residential roofing is affordably priced. Relax and let our experts handle your roof.

Restoring an aged, damaged roof will also improve the curb appeal of the property which can in turn. push up the value. A roof can account for up to 40% of the overall appearance, therefore a restoration is a great solution for a property owner wanting to increase the value of their pride and joy.


Before any work begins on your property we send our team to inspect your roof. It is vital that you have a specialist examine your roof prior to deciding on an exact service. Our team of roofers will look at your roof and will help to advise you on your next best step. It can be difficult for someone without the relevant training to get to the roof and to see what the extent of the damage to the roof is. Our professional roofing services have the experience and the expertise to assess and carry out a range of repairs and restorations on your roof.


After the inspection has been carried out and the next course of action has been decided on, our roofing company will conduct a thorough clean of your roof. Cleaning a roof before work begins allows us to fully remove all moss, mould, and dirt from the surface. This creates a clean base for your new roof to be installed and reduces the risk of more immediate damage from occurring to your new roof because of these old growths. We often use a power wash tool to ensure that all moss and mould is completely removed. We will ensure that your roof is ready for the next step of the restoration process.


Once all of the preparation work has been completed we can begin the restoration of your roof. This stage includes roof repair and roof replacement. Our roof restorers work hard and with speed to transform your roof. Our process is tailored to your wants and the needs of your roof. We can repair areas of tiles that are in good condition and replace areas that are in need of replacement. You will see a major difference once we have completed restoring your roof. Our skilled roof restorers will make sure that your roof looks as good as new.


To ensure that your restored roof looks its absolute best and that it will last as long as possible we finish all of our roofs. The finishing process varies depending on the requests of the individual client. For most roofs, we complete the process by sealing the surface. We choose a sealant based on the material that has been used on your roof. A sealant will help to protect your roof from weather damages. For some clients, we also provide painting services to give their roof the look that they desire. If you are looking for the top roofing services in Dumbarton and surrounding suburbs then let us assist you.